Thursday, 8 July 2010


Too much is never enough, it's not enough.


1. Lissy Trullie in a crazy print Zucca shirt. Photo from Machine.
2. Nice boobs..I mean, trainers. Jeremy Scott X Addidas, strangely desirable despite seeing them worn by fashionable people, in, ah, 'forward thinking' outfits.
3. Me in a cute or eye barf inducing ensemble, depending on your tolerance for acid wash shirts with Hawaiian vest. Also from Primark.
4. Creature from Facebook, as epic as ManBearPig.
5. Amazing hair, from the Machine girls again.

I have style schizophrenia.


Amy T said...

that cat with the unicorn horn is funny. its the sort of thing you'd see in crappy early 90s sci fi movies.

I'm a mean street kid. said...

hawaiian shirts can look tacky if not worn right. i like how you wore it! didnt even realise it was a hawaiian vest until i read you description at the bottom. the model's eyes in the first picture is so alluring.

WendyB said...

Gonna have nightmares about the unicorn cat.

Isabel said...

Fuuuuuck, I need that i-D shirt!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Love the photo of Lissy Trullie!

SA & MG said...

Love that friggin cat. It's wearing a wig!!
- Matea

Venla said...

That unicorn/cat made me laugh :D
Yay for Hawaii shirts!

Skye said...

Haha, the cat/unicorn picture is hilarious. & somewhat scary xD

Layby Perk said...

Unicorn cat! WOW. Or should I say...MeoWOW.

Layby Perk said...

Unicorn cat! WOW. Or should I say...MeoWOW.