Friday, 18 January 2013

hairspiration (sorry)

life001 life006 life003
all photos from: Masahiro Sanbe Photography 

Considering Norwegian Wood is now on Blu Ray DVD and I dumped my super dumb boyfriend, it's about time things move on from 2011 to worthier pursuits - like growing my hair. The above photos illustrate how I want my hair to be by the end of this year, long voluminous and full of kinks. Perfect for a messy up-do.

ps: Credit to the subtle nail varnish game here, especially pink on the dude.  


nikol said...

cheers to that, haha. Also I really like this post

Mona said...

Yes yes yes, this is my dreamhair. Tangle Teasers be damned!

Mona x

Milex said...

oh darling

sofía said...

love them

sofía said...